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  • Mamie Ogata


9 March, 2020

When you see the title, I believe many people these days will immediately think of Corona Virus. It began in January 2020 in Asia and has now in March 2020 spread to more than 100 countries.

This is a new Virus and confirmed Medical treatment has not yet been certain. This is the reason that we all are scare of it.

Because of this fear, we panic, we buy things; heard a rumor, we buy things; shortage of household goods, we panic, we buy things. Most of us act on this vicious circle of rumor, panic, and shortage of basic daily necessities into compulsory buying.

This phenomenon has shown that humans are afraid of unknown things and can panic in any era.

Unfortunately, the good and the bad (ex: hoax) rapidly spread to the human behavior of modern society. This time many people have been affected in bad ways.

There are so many Viruses in the world and also in our bodies. When we are healthy, the virus is suppressed, but as the body weakens, the virus in the body begins to activate.

規則正しい生活・十分な睡眠・無理をしない Regular life style・Enough sleep・Do not overwork

Not only we need a healthy body we also need a hygienic lifestyle. If we can keep the basics, we will not be panic or be affected by others. It is important to stay as normal as possible and not overly fearful or overly confident.

不安な時は・平常心・いつもの通り In the moment of anxiety・Peace of mind・As usual

Infection Control

Currently, it is not advisable to congregate with a large number of people, alternatives such as “Work at Home”, “school closed”, “cancellation or postponement of concerts, sports, dinner “, “closure of amusement park”, “stopping travel and business trips” etc.

In this cramped moment, it is easily losing Mental balance.

How to get over this cramped moment (phenomenon) is very important. In my case, I go out every day and I do at least one thing I like or buy a little thing to cheer up myself such as flowers, cakes, etc.

We cannot enjoy a big event in this cramped moment (phenomenon), but we can enjoy a little happiness every day. How about a little challenge, make some targets or do something new to make your daily life more interesting?

Sometimes we can find many nice things in a difficult situation. Think positive and take action then we can create a better way.

Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today

No need to take a big step, after a week later or a month later then you will see the result.

Everything back to normal and if you have done something different during the cramped moment then I believe you are already another person.

“Laugh out loud” not only can help you, this laugh chain can also help your families and friends.

Let’s extend our healthy life and enjoy our fabulous life as much as possible!



Mamie H. Ogata Principal of OEUF Limited Born in Hong Kong and educated in Tokyo. Returned to Hong Kong after eight years in Shanghai. Family’s background in medical, change her profession into Elderly Care after 20 years spent in architecture. An entrepreneur who introduces Japanese Elderly Care to Hong Kong from a different perspective. With partnerships in Japan and Taiwan.

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